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In order to save your scientific research costs and meet your scientific research requirements, Qiangyao Biological can provide you with different purity of polypeptides.

Peptides with purity greater than 70% are usually used for the preparation and detection of antibodies, and peptides with purity greater than 85% are usually used for the study of enzyme and biological activities. Peptides with purity greater than 95% can meet the requirements of quantitative analysis very well. We can provide grams of peptides with purity greater than 98% for use as apis. All the peptides synthesized by us have been tested by HPLC and MS, and the test report will be sent to you together with the peptides.

Recommended Purity Application Direction
Purity of immune grade polypeptide >70% ELISA assay, location of epitopes, preparation of antigens and purification of polyclonal antibodies
Biochemical grade peptide purity >85% In vitro and in vivo identification, cell attachment study, phosphorylation study, qualitative enzyme substrate study, enzyme protease antagonism experiment by Western blotting method
High purity polypeptide purity >95% In vitro identification, in vitro identification, generation standard curve, NMR study, antigen determination cluster location
Quantitative proteolytic studies, quantitative phosphorylation studies, protease resistance and competition experiments, quantitative receptor ligand interaction studies
Purity of medicinal grade polypeptide >98% Pharmaceutical peptides, clinical trials, structure-activity relationship studies, cosmetic peptides

Shipping Instructions:

We will send you the peptides together with the test report (HPLC, MS). Each peptide has passed our strict quality testing.