Market demand

In the face of increasingly complex urban drone application scenarios, grid-based managing the general urban airspace, dividing different regional grid levels, and using the drone countermeasure system to detect and counteract the key grid airspace under control, to realize the functions of drone positioning, identification, driving away, and pilot positioning. Build an urban grid drone monitoring platform to achieve centralized and unified supervision of urban low-altitude airspace.

Program overview
Support Grid and Integrated Supervision

The platform supports docking with the city video private network, and quickly locates and confirms the identity of the drone pilot within a specific range.

Accurate Identification of Wide-band and Multi-model

Full-band, all-round detection, support environment learning on-site database building, and realize rapid identification of new drones

Seamless and Smooth Incremental Deployment
Supports incremental deployment of monitoring sites, and can seamlessly expand monitoring areas without system upgrades
Multi-grid Data Fusion Processing
Intelligent selection and switching of multiple monitoring sites to achieve better multi-channel data fusion and analysis processing
TDOA+AOA Hybrid Precise Positioning

Distributed deployment of monitoring sites, accurate identification and positioning within and outside the multi-site area

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