Market demand
The petrochemical industry is a pillar industry in my country, with a long production line and a wide range. The exploitation, storage, transportation, production, processing, distribution and sales of petrochemical products constitute the upstream, midstream and downstream of the industry chain. Scenarios such as oil fields and refineries, oil pipelines and transportation vehicles, oil storage sites and oil depots, and various channel storage areas of gas stations are the focus of security protection.The petrochemical security system must not only meet the security needs, but also meet the safety production management needs of the plant.
Program overview

Novasky Petrochemical global security solution adopts advanced multi-dimensional sensor fusion technology to break through the limitations of complex scenarios and deploy perimeter, entrance and exit, low-altitude, pipeline protection systems. It has various deployment forms of cloud and side terminals, and various application platforms of mobile terminal, PC terminal and command terminal. And it can meet various protection needs such as personnel perimeter intrusion, vehicle safety inspection, low-altitude detection and interference, and comprehensively guarantee the safe production and operation of the petrochemical industry.

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