Market demand
Urban counter-terrorism operations are the most difficult type of counter-terrorism missions. With the continuous acceleration of the urbanization process, the urban environment is becoming more and more complex, and the urban areas are characterized by various types of buildings, concentrated buildings, complex internal structures of buildings, and mixed on-site personnel, which have brought new challenges to the reconnaissance of urban anti-terrorism operations.In order to perceive and obtain battlefield situation information in an all-round way, and seek decision-making and action advantages, our company proposes a combination of far and near, high and low, and other problems in current urban anti-terrorism operations such as difficult on-site control, poor adaptability of reconnaissance methods, lack of perception information, and difficulty in intrusion identification. All-round three-dimensional penetrating reconnaissance solution with matching and multi-mode maneuvering.
Program overview
The penetrating reconnaissance solution for anti-terrorist operations in Novasky City adopts a combination of man and no man. The sealing and control group (team) is equipped with long-range wall-penetrating radar, the reconnaissance group (team) is equipped with drone-borne wall-penetrating radar, two-dimensional or three-dimensional wall-penetrating radar; the assault group (team) is equipped with portable wall-penetrating radar.
In the whole operation process, the key intelligence needs are distinguished from far and near, the hidden target situation is discerned from the outside and the inside, the high-risk areas in the urban area are penetrated from high to low, the information fusion and distribution is completed from rough to fine, and all-round, multi-level, and uninterrupted reconnaissance is implemented. Keep abreast of the terrorists' hiding locations, numbers, movement trajectories, postures, and building internal layouts, so as to "find out, keep an eye on, and transmit back", so as to provide a basis for commanders to make correct decisions and force armed attacks. Minimize combat casualties and successfully rescue the hostages.
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