Portable Drone Control Equipment


Portable Drone Control Equipment is a Handheld Integrated Detector & Jammer. It integrates detection, countermeasures, display & control, and power supply all in one. It solved the problem found in the traditional portable jammers which only rely on naked eyes searching for drones with high missing rate. The device is in small size, light weight, and has good mobility, which is suitable for low-altitude protection tasks for important meetings, large events, and daily patrols in fixed places, etc. It can be interconnected with Novasky Anti-drone Defense System command terminal and the integrated command platform through a wireless network at multiple levels and combining with other AUDS equipment, to intelligentlize the information fusion, and unify the platform management. In this case, all resource can be utilized in maximum to construct a new type of supervision network for drones.

  • Multi-device Networking Application

    Based on mobile Internet technology, multiple devices can be networked to access the back-end platform, and tasks can work together

  • Rough Direction Finding

    Information such as drone model can be displayed on the jammer LED screen

  • Programmable Frequency Band

    Software-defined jammer, which can customize the jamming frequency and jamming bandwidth according to the mainstream drone frequency band

  • Passive Detection

    Using the radio detection system, the mainstream drones on the market can be detected and discovered

Product parameters

Operating Mode

Detection, tracking, forensics, display control, countermeasures, networking multi-function integration

Effective Distance

≥2km(open environment), 0.5km-1km(suburban environment)

Detection Frequency Band

Drone image transmission/Data transmission/Remote control frequency band

Jamming Frequency Band

Drone image transmission/Data transmission/Remote control frequency band
The frequency band can be defifined by software

Information display

Support LED screen display/mobile terminal (APP) interconnection, which can display drone signal amplitude, direction, model and other information

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