Portable Three Dimentional Imaging Through Wall Radar


Portable Three Dimentional Imaging Through Wall Radar CEM420 is a lightweight portable 3D imaging penetrating reconnaissance equipment, which can penetrate non-metallic obstacles such as building walls to detect multiple personnel targets behind it, and quickly obtain information such as 3D imaging, 2D coordinates, attitude, quantity of targets and indoor structure.

  • Strong Penetration

    Reliable penetration detection of common non-metallic building wall materials

  • Indoor Structure Simulation Reconstruction

    It can simultaneously detect and display strong reflector obstacles such as walls and large-area metal products behind the obstacles

  • Multi-target Real-time Positioning

    With dynamic and static multi-target real-time detection, 3D imaging and positioning capabilities, to obtain target information

  • Intelligent Recognition

    Intelligently identify the moving and static states of the target, as well as the standing, squatting and other postures of the target

  • 3D Imaging

    Adopt MIMO architecture design, with 3D stereoscopic imaging capability

  • Small and Light

    Small size and light weight, suitable for individual soldiers to carry and control

Product parameters
Radar SystemUltra-Wideband Radar with MIMO Architecture
Operation MethodHandheld detection or tripod support remote display and control
Detection ModeReal-time 3D imaging and positioning, 1D image, simultaneous detection of moving and static multi-targets

Detection Angle

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