Hand-held Ranging Through Wall Radar


Hand-held Ranging Through Wall Radar CEM100 is a single-soldier hand-held one-dimensional ranging penetrating reconnaissance equipment, which can penetrate non-metallic obstacles such as building walls to detect the target of people behind it, quickly determine whether there is a target, and obtain the distance and number information of targets.

  • Military Quality

    Competent for harsh climatic environments and special occasions

  • Strong Penetration

    Reliable penetration detection of common non-metallic building wall materials

  • Screen Off Detection

    With the screen detection function, the detection is more concealed and the risk of exposure is reduced

  • Portability

    Compact, lightweight and portable design, suitable for individual soldiers to carry around

Product parameters

Detection Angle

Detection ModeReal-time one-dimensional ranging, real-time detection of moving and static targets

Operating Temperature

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