Multi-sensor Fusion Vehicle Personnel Hiding Detection System


The Multi-sensor Fusion Vehicle Personnel Hiding Detection System includes radar sensors, micro-seismic sensors, etc., which can be extended to sensors such as vehicle bottom scanning, license plate recognition, identity recognition, vector and other external displays to form a unified management system, and conduct comprehensive inspection and management of vehicles entering and exiting the AB door of the prison. The combination of radar sensor and microseismic sensor can give complete and effective life detection results for different vehicles and different environments through logical algorithms, and maximize the detection effect of vehicle personnel hiding.

  • Multiple Complement

    The multi-adaptability of microseismic and the precise positioning and high accuracy of radar are complementary, can provide the best solution

  • Precise Detection

    The combination of multiple types of sensors avoids the limitation of a single sensor and is the detection system with the lowest missed detection rate at present

  • Multi-factor Authentication

    The data collected by the sensor is captured by the core algorithm to capture vital signs, and the results are reliable after repeated verification.

  • Multiplexing

    It can expand the sensors such as vehicle bottom scanning, license plate recognition, vector, etc., and automatically scan the inside and outside of the vehicle at the same time

  • Easy to Operate

    Simple and easy-to-use operation interface, friendly prompt information, simple operation of the application system

  • Flexible Expansion

    Open data interface enables the system to connect data with other various management systems

Product parameters
Detection Technology

Microseismic accurate acquisition of effective continuous vibration frequency within 0.5Hz-30Hz
Radar adopts MIMO system

Detection Range

Microseismic omnidirectional detection, a single microseismic sensor control area ≥ 20m² space
Radar can detect stationary human targets within 20m

Penetrated Materials

Microseismic can penetrate metal products, electronic products and other non-shock-absorbing items
Radar may penetrate non-metallic solids such as clothing, cardboard boxes, and wood.

Detection TargetCan be selected for various models and various environments to achieve different detection modes
Installation Method

The Microseismic adopts permanent magnet to absorb up and down
The radar adopts top hoisting and intelligent mobile chassis installation

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