Intelligent Multi Sensor Fusion Perimeter Security System


Intelligent multi sensor fusion perimeter security system SP150VF, mainly consists of intelligent MMW detecting radar, long range IR camera and 3D vision blind area coverage module in an integrated structure. This system is working based on the MMW detecting radar's continuously scanning of the protection area, integrating with edge AI deep learning algorithm, realized real time alarm and video tracking of the moving intrusion target in the protection area. It is able to intelligently recognize different intrusion target like human and vehicle, filtering out false alarm like animal, trees, rain etc, and supporting unattended operation of perimeter control. It is widely used in high-end perimeter security area such as military, prison, power grid, railway, airport and so on.

  • Active Stereo Defense

    Radar video fusion, no blind spot active stereo defense

  • Edge Intelligence

    Integrate edge AI deep learning algorithms to realize front-end information processing

  • Target Intelligent Recognition

    Intelligent identification of human and vehicle targets, automatic filtering of animals, plants and rainwater false alarm targets, strong anti-interference ability

  • Multiple Alarms

    According to the environmental conditions within the detection range, the defense zone planning is carried out

  • Easy to Deploy

    Multiple devices are deployed in series to achieve seamless defense of perimeter defense zones

  • Strong Adaptability

    All-weather, all-day, adapt to various environments

Product parameters

Detection Distance


Monitoring Area

Horizontal angle: 15°, Pitching angle: 10°, Adjustable defense zone

Video Identification

Moving target like human/vehicle/animal, False alarm like trees, rain

Infrared Supplementary Light



Sound and light integrated alarm, support custom voice
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