Intelligent Radar Video Wide Area Panoramic Surveillance System


SP500RVF is a wide-area panoramic security protection product launched for the high-level security requirements of various industries such as judicial, military, petrochemical, electric power, public security, and important ports. With array radar and visual fusion technology, the system can realize intelligent detection of targets in the intrusion area and realize initiative warning. It has the advantages of high detection accuracy, wide-area 360° panoramic protection, active detection and alarm, high protection level and all-day/weather operation.

  • Active Stereo Monitoring

    Seamless integration of radar and video to achieve stereoscopic monitoring without blind spots

  • Radar&vision Deep Fusion

    Millimeter-wave detection radar, intelligent fusion of omnidirectional PTZ video

  • Dual Spectral Detection

    Visible light and thermal imaging dual-spectral detection to meet application requirements in harsh environments and weather

  • Intelligent Algorithm

    Integrate AI intelligent algorithm of edge computing to realize target classification and identification

  • Filter False Positives

    False positives caused by shaking trees or low shrubs are filtered out by intelligent algorithms

  • Applicable to Multiple Modes

    Supports multiple scene mode selections such as day, night and snow, and the system detection sensitivity can be intelligently adjusted

  • Active Recognition Ability

    The system has target recognition ability and can identify people, animals, shrubs, etc.

Product parameters
Operating modeRadar+Video
FOV360° full coverage
Video RecognitionMoving targets such as people/cars/animals
Fill light methodLaser fill light
Identify patternsRadar trigger alarm, linked video confirmation
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