Intelligent Radar Video Wide Area Surveillance System


The Intelligent Radar Video Wide Area Surveillance System is mainly composed of intelligent millimeter wave detection radar, PTZ camera, and edge smart box. Through intelligent fusion algorithm, it can realize all-round protection of the protection area. The product integrates radar and video at signal level, perfectly combining the active detection, high sensitivity and video visibility of radar technology, which greatly improves the detection rate of the system in complex environments. Products can be widely used in important areas such as national (border) borders, prisons, camps, squares, ports, oil fields, oil depots, and construction sites.

  • Radar&vision Deep Fusion

    Millimeter wave radar, long-distance infrared video, stereo vision blindness module integration, no dead-end defense

  • All-round Detection

    It can realize active detection in 90°, 360° and other azimuths, and supports continuous tracking of targets in up to 32 directions

  • Edge Intelligence Algorithms

    The edge box integrates AI deep learning algorithms and information front-end processing to reduce the computational pressure of the central system

  • AI Intelligent Analysis Customization

    Multi-target intelligent recognition, intelligently identify filtering targets, and support algorithm customization for different industry scenarios

  • 24/7 Real-time Protection

    24h all-weather real-time protection, adapt to all kinds of bad weather, maximize the elimination of false alarms and false alarms

  • Highly Integrated

    All modules adopt an integrated design, which is convenient for quick installation and deployment

Product parameters

Product Form

Radar + PTZ camera + Edge smart box

Detection Target

Human, cars, boats, animals, etc.

Detection Mode

Radar trigger alarm, linked video confirmation

Detection Speed


Detection Distance


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