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成为锅炉领域中<BR>受世界尊敬的中国制作 成为锅炉领域中<BR>受世界尊敬的中国制作
成为锅炉领域中<br>受世界尊敬的中国制作 成为锅炉领域中<br>受世界尊敬的中国制作
Biochemical fermentation tank, reactor, sandwich pot, coating spray
Food industry
Food industry
Steamed rice box, bean curd machine, dishwasher, disinfection cabinet, food
Packaging industry
Packaging industry
Sealing machine, labeling machine, corrugating machine, pressing machine, chopsticks
Medical disinfection
Medical disinfection
Medical equipment, bed sheet and quilt cover, hospital uniform, tableware


Adhering to the "spirit of ingenuity" and making every product with heart! Every product developed by YANO has been tested repeatedly and every accessory has been strictly screened


Congratulations on the perfect ending of "YANO 12th Anniversary Celebration and Inauguration Ceremony of Ultra-low Nitrogen Gas Steam Generator Production Base"
   For twelve years, we have worked hard together! For twelve years, we have been riding our horses!    Time flies, the years flies like a flock, YANO twelve years, is the twelve years of "looking up to the stars and keeping your feet on the ground"!   Twelve years of wind and rain, spring and autumn, YANO people have felt the hardships of hard work and tasted the joy of harvest! On June 22, 2019, Shanghai YANO Boiler Manufacturing Co., Ltd. held the grand "YANO 12th Anniversary Celebration and Inauguration Ceremony of Ultra-low Nitrogen Gas Steam Generator Production Base" at the newly completed production base in Jiading Industrial Zone. In addition to all YANO employees, those who participated in the celebration also welcomed school teachers, high-tech park leaders, industry leaders, industry experts, customer representatives, supplier representatives, and friends from all walks of life who have been caring and supporting YANO! , To celebrate the 12th birthday of YANO Boiler together! Below, please follow the editor through the tunnel of time to come to the celebration scene, witness the elegance of the YANO people, feel the passion of the YANO people, and experience the joy of the YANO people........ The celebration was kicked off by Mr. Xu Mingtang, general manager of Shanghai YANO Boiler Manufacturing Co., Ltd., who gave a speech for the ceremony! Then he shared the twelve years of growth of YANO Boiler Company: a shabby office, two second-hand computers , YANO Boiler started a difficult entrepreneurial road... At that time, the YANO people had simple hardware facilities in their hands, and they were full of passion! Premier Wen’s "Looking up at the stars and being down to earth" best reflected the YANO at that time. The state of mind of YANO Ren to start a business! The hardships of twelve years of hard work and the joy of harvest are condensed in the moist eyes of Mr. Xu. This situation and this scene make everyone's heart surging! In the prospect of the future, Mr. Xu talked about YANO The future development strategy of the Boiler Company and some of the experience of the YANO Boiler Company's development: "The reason why YANO Boiler can grow is inseparable from the entrepreneurial spirit and teamwork of the "Innovative Craftsman Empowering Win-win" of YANO Boiler. Strength; moreover, it is inseparable from the care and support of government leaders at all levels and friends from all walks of life!"    If I can fight the blue sky, it is you who gave me the wings to take off; if I was a warrior who hit the waves, it was you who gave me the power to make tides; if I was an immortal torch, it was you who gave me youth The light!    Next, Mr. Yu Hongling, the mentor of Xu Mingtang's general manager, professor of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, and editor of "Boiler Energy-saving Technical Supervision and Management Regulations", gave a speech.    As we all know, Shanghai Industrial Boiler Research Institute is the only application research in my country that is engaged in the research and development and promotion of new energy-saving products and new technologies in the industrial boiler industry, product thermal performance testing and environmental performance testing, boiler auxiliary equipment product performance evaluation, industry intelligence and standard work. Place. It is a great honor that YANO and the Industrial Boiler Research Institute have formally established a joint experimental base for ultra-low nitrogen gas steam generators.    Mr. He Xinliang, the chairman of the Industrial Boiler Branch of the Electrical Appliance Industry Association and the general manager of Shanghai Industrial Boiler Research Institute Co., Ltd., and Mr. Xu Mingtang, general manager of YANO Boiler, took the stage together for the listing ceremony. Subsequently, Mr. He Xinliang delivered a speech for the listing ceremony.    At the beginning of the establishment of the factory, no matter from drawing approval, equipment manufacturing inspection, to energy efficiency testing, it can be said that every step is inseparable from the strong support of the Municipal Special Inspection Institute and the Jiading District Special Equipment Supervision and Inspection Institute!    Mr. Guo Weizhong, director of Jiading Special Equipment Supervision and Inspection Institute, delivered a speech at the celebration.   As an important part of the boiler, the burner is an important part of the technical exchanges between industries. The burner network has established the necessary technology exchange platform, and the YANO Boiler Company and the burner

YANO E-class ultra-low nitrogen steam generator released

The 104th National Sugar and Alcohol Commodities Fair Time: April 7-9, 2021

China Washing Exhibition 2020

Shanghai New International Expo Centre Time: October 14-16, 2020

Walk with experts to promote professional growth

The 1st Shanghai Special Equipment Safety Technical Committee Boiler Safety and Energy Conservation Professional Working Group Meeting and Expert Appointment Ceremony was held at the headquarters of Shanghai YANO Boiler Company. Walk with experts to promote professional growth! Time: September 9, 2020


Shanghai YANO Boiler Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, is a national B boiler manufacturer, which integrates design, production, sale and service. The site is located in the Chinese mainland, the economic leader in Northwest Shanghai. The company occupies an area of 4950 square meters and has nearly 100 sets of production equipment, laying a solid foundation for the production of boilers.

Over the past ten years, YANO has focused on the boiler business, and is committed to providing the world with resource-saving, environment-friendly and intrinsically safe products! Since its establishment, YANO has a technical R & D team with the thermal energy and power professional technology of Shanghai...

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